Brainstorming: Three fake books*

Book #13: One-word concepts

“How to expose your brilliance by limiting your concepts and ideas to one-word descriptions (and half-hour explanations), that will rule any brainstorming session.”

Book #14: How to win at brainstorming

“The follow-up to “One-word concepts,” this book dives deeper and explores five other strategies to make sure you win at brainstorming, no matter what ideas you bring (or steal). Includes chapters like “how to repeat other people’s ideas with different wordings,” “how to ridicule other ideas,” and “how to use assimilation to kill competing ideas.” “

Book #15: It will be over soon

“Everyone since the 60’ies has known, that brainstorming is useless. This is a book on how to survive a brainstorming session and get to sit in a corner and wait it out – even with the most ardent and over-active facilitator.”

* I’ve read a lot of books & articles on business, design, and innovation. Most of them pretty good, a few not so much. While I’m considering writing my own, I have made myself a little collection of fake book titles and abstracts of what would probably be very, very bad books on business, design, technology, and innovation.

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