There are so many opportunities to use technology and creativity in good and meaningful ways.

But, with great power comes a big risk of epic failures. I’ve been through a few myself – and in my talks, I use examples from a career in innovation, technology, and design of new products.

Through many years of teaching, facilitating and presenting new technologies and design methodology, I strive to deliver a personal, humorous, reflective and accessible presentation of subjects, otherwise tricky or complicated.

Examples of talks are:

  • Future technologies – including AI, IoT (but no Blockchain)
  • IoT Maturity Models  (how to get from Padawan to IoT Jedi in 1 hour)
  • Fail fast – don’t fail users…
  • From Idea to Product – the “Next Step” Method
  • 8 Steps to create Radical Innovations

I do talks in Danish and English.

Use the contact form or catch me on if you’d like to hear more – or check out the “about” section for links to podcasts, videos, etc.

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