Startups, innovation, and disruption: Three fake books*

Book #10: If it is really crazy, it is probably innovative

If no existing companies are doing it and your friends think it’s crazy, just hang on; it might just be because your idea is disruptive.

Book #11: How to exponentialize anything by uninhibited extrapolation

How to “10x” assumptions and then square them and add a billion (includes access to the author’s own calculator-app that only calculates in exponentials).

Book #12: How to talk to incrementalists

While their minds are old-fashioned and limited, it might be necessary to convince them about your business idea. This book explains how to employ a cunning use of graphs and “outliers as metaphors” to satisfy even the worst incrementalists. 

* I’ve read a lot of books & articles on business, design, and innovation. Most of them pretty good, a few not so much. While I’m considering writing my own, I have made myself a little collection of fake book titles and abstracts of what would probably be very, very bad books on business, design, technology, and innovation.

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