AI: Three fake books

Book #1:  Calculate this! AI for spreadsheets

By cunning use of secret signs in spreadsheets (like “+”), you can get your computer to recognise math problems and automatically solve them!  “I never knew that I have been using AI for years, without knowing it”, Bob Saeger (Accountant). 

Book #2:  Dark magic and ML

Sometimes, even the nerdiest coder behind a new AI technology does not know how her creation actually works. But that’s ok! Learn the secret incantations and hand signs of the AI acolytes in this small and illustrated handbook.  Its magic!

Book #3: The Investors guide to AI

AI is big – don’t be left out! Invest in something with AI. This book will help you not to feel left out at pitch-sessions, when youngsters namedrops new AI technologies and how it impacts everything from global warming to the common cold.

* I’ve read a lot of books & articles on business, design, and innovation. Most of them pretty good, a few not so much. While I’m considering writing my own, I have made myself a little collection of fake book titles and abstracts of what would probably be very, very bad books on business, design, technology, and innovation.

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