Morten is a Pathfinder on a mission – rethinking technology through creativity. He explores and combines technology and processes, to build meaningful experiences. He is the founding manager of IdemoLab – a design team for hardware innovation – and a founding member of  “Dansk Modular”, a Copenhagen-based group of modular synthesizer artists.”

I worked as a programmer when I was 14, and later as a musician and composer – all the while I should have been studying. Surprisingly, though, I still graduated from the University of Copenhagen with a masters degree in Computer Science and Cognitive Psychology in the late 90s and base much of my work on combinations of insights from different domains.

As such, I think that doing without dreaming gets you nowhere and I aspire to be one of “The dreamers who must do what they dream, The doers who must dream what they do.” (William B. Yeats).


A few links:

Interview in the Danish “work.flow” podcast, where I talk about prototyping, design methodologies – and modular synthesizers!

Interview in the Danish ComputerWorld, where I talk about IoT, hiring talent and digitalization.

Podcast (mostly about synthesizers, but also about hardware and technology) in Danish Radio4.

And my LinkedIn profile.

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