Prototyping: Three fake books*

Book #7: The Magic of Napkins

A book about how paper-napkins has formed the basis of many significant innovations, and why using a platform of 4 by 4 inches of cheap paper and scribbling on it is enough ideation for most products.

Book #8 No Arduino’s Here

This book gives you all the reasons you need to go directly into the design for manufacturing. After all, it is mostly Students and kids that use Arduino’s and all the other simple experimental platforms. 

Book #9: Speed and Force in Product Development

How to avoid technical challenges by shouting at your engineers, copying other solutions, and using the cheapest components.

* I’ve read a lot of books & articles on business, design, and innovation. Most of them pretty good, a few not so much. While I’m considering writing my own, I have made myself a little collection of fake book titles and abstracts of what would probably be very, very bad books on business, design, technology, and innovation.

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