BlockChain: Two fake books*

Book #19:  Burning with BitCoin 

The best book on how to save on heating with your BitCoin farm. This book helps you to ignore the rise and fall of bitcoin value, and just enjoy the warmth that bitcoin-mining creates and brings to your house. It also describes seven ways to not look like a hustler, criminal or conman, when offering to pay or get payed in bitcoin.

Book #20: Everything is better with BlockChain

First came “Big Data,” then “Machine Learning” – but now, it’s “blockchain” and DLT’s. Even though you might think that BlockChain technologies are mostly distributed digital ledgers with a twist, this book explains how you can now overcomplicate even very small projects, that might as well just have used a secure database. Written by the computer scientist that introduced BlockChain for Postcards, this book contains priceless expert advice.

* I’ve read a lot of books & articles on business, design, and innovation. Most of them pretty good, a few not so much. While I’m considering writing my own, I have made myself a little collection of fake book titles and abstracts of what would probably be very, very bad books on business, design, technology, and innovation.

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